CUB, the best investment in 2021

Cryptocurrencies let you get rich in a very short span. Is this a myth? Absolutely not. With the right choice at the right time, your investment will skyrocket unmindful of the market trends. The CUB is a perfect investment if you are looking for an asset that outperforms the current assets in the market.

CUB has exhibited a great performance until now and its demand and value will continue to grow in 2021 and forever without any price swings. To keep the CUB always in demand the Cubebit follows top-notch strategies that are not done even in the leading crypto assets in the market. Cubebit envisions CUB to play a dominant role in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, in the days to come and Cubebit never fails to put in its 100% for letting this happen.

Burning of CUB

Cubebit burns the CUB periodically to keep the demand-supply ratio of the CUB intact. When there is a limited number of assets in the market, the demand for such assets goes up obviously leading to a surge in the price. Recently Cubebit has burnt nearly 200 CUB for this reason. Burning is nothing but the movement of coins to the native blockchain and making them mineable. This burning of CUB to make its supply limited is the best strategy to keep the price of CUB up in the market. Even Bitcoin has its craze due to its limited supply.

Cube protocol

With Cube protocol that uses cluster head allocation algorithm and Proof of Time (PoT) consensus, Cubebit will be the home for a lot of cryptocurrency users and investors who are looking for really good products in the blockchain space. Thus, with a lot of community members and users all over the world, CUB gets its popularity and will be utilized throughout the cubebit ecosystem.

Almost all the products of Cubebit are live now and this increases the utility of CUB in 2021 and its price will rise in the days to come. Almost Cubebit supports the movement to different chains, this will further increase the interoperability of CUB, making it the best investment in 2021.




A centralized cryptocurrency exchange whose alpha version is live now.

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A centralized cryptocurrency exchange whose alpha version is live now.

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